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For our club promotion here are the prices:

Best Bargain Most Popular  
Ten Promotions Three Promotions Single Promotion
€ 2.990
€ 1.990*
€ 897
€ 699*
€ 299*
1000€ OFF
+ Free 5 weeks banner
on the Radio 105 InDaKlubb Newsletter
+ Free 5 weeks banner
(worth 750€*)
198€ OFF
+ Free 4 weeks banner
on the Radio 105 InDaKlubb Newsletter
(worth 200€*)

* If you are an Italian citizen you have to add VAT

Each Promotion includes:

  • Selection of the most appropriate recipients mailing list
  • Creation of the e-mail copy in both Italian and English based on the information you provide us
  • Reminder e-mail sent 2 weeks after the first mailout
  • Tweet of each feedback to help you seed your project on socials
  • A direct email to your mailbox each time a feedback is given
  • Automatic weekly reports every Friday morning for 6 weeks


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